Rabbi Avrohom Kass, MA RSW RMFT — Social Worker and Marriage Therapist

As a therapist, Rabbi Kass is committed to guiding individuals, couples and families on how to enhance their lives using traditional Jewish Values and professional Marriage and Family Therapy.

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30 years helping couples connect with love and respect

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Professional Certification​

Don’t trust your mental health and family’s wellbeing to untrained individuals! Should you need help, seek it only from professionally trained and certified practitioners.

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Jewish law requires that doctors — individuals that heal others — receive government certification to perform their craft.

In previous generations, the Jewish Court of Law issued the necessary certification — “permission to heal” — to qualified individuals.

Now, in these contemporary times, poskim (those who decide Jewish law) deemed government experts as the ones to determine who has the necessary training and good character to perform a particular healing act.

Rabbinical opinions:

  • Aruch HaShulchan, Yoreh Daya, page 336, 2 – Hebrew
  • The Encyclopedia of the Laws of Healing, Avraham Steinberg, vol. 6, page 88 – Hebrew
  • Biblical and Talmudic Medicine, Julius Preuss, translated and edited by Dr. Fred Rosner, page 21
  • The Code of Jewish Conduct, Rabbi Yitzchok Silver, page 267


Letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe:

“Although I do not usually pasken shaalos, which is the prerogative of Rabbonim, particularly Rabbinic organizations; however, in as much as the subject matter is quite simple and, especially in view of its direct relevance, I am answering your questions:

1) Does a therapist carry the status of a physician according to the Shulchan Aruch?

The answer is: Anyone who is trained and (formally attested) to bring therapeutic relief to a human being, has the status of a physician in that area of his training and expertise. Furthermore, since medical science has become so specialized, the area of therapy, and also dietetics, have in recent years been researched and systematized, etc., much in the same way as an eye doctor and an ear doctor have become specialists in their particular field.” [The Letter & The Spirit, Letters by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, selected and arranged by Nissan Mindel, volume of three, Nissan Mendel publications, 2016.]

Rabbi Kass has received certification from the government of Ontario to practice healing as a social worker. As well, he has certification from additional professional organizations that attest to his competency in his fields of expertise and professional ethics.

A so-called “doctor” (therapist, coach, counselor, member of the clergy) who claims to heal without the necessary certification is strongly rebuked by Jewish Law. 

It is common sense, when you need specialized treatment for yourself or your family, find a qualified doctor. 

Social worker, marriage and family therapist, Rabbi Abraham Kass is qualified and ready to help. Contact him today.

See what professionals say about Rabbi Kass's services

I am completely amazed how you have helped several families whom I have sent you. Everyone had given up hope that things could get any better for these individuals, but their situations have improved dramatically. Allowing me to attend several sessions with these families has allowed me to understand how 'bad' things can really get, and how such situations can actually improve. I give you a lot of credit for what you do, and what you accomplish.

What impresses me most about your work is your sensitivity and caring.

We have sent many of our patients to other therapists and doctors. However, we have not seen the kind of success we are now witnessing with the patients we are now sending you.

Over the years I have sent you many clients. They all love you! Every time people come to me with relationship problems I immediately send them to you."

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