About Therapist Rabbi Kass, MA RSW RMFT

Rabbi Avrohom Kass, MA RSW RMFT CCHT, is a registered clinical Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist. 

Rabbi Kass is a member of the Ontario College of Social Workers, the Ontario and American Associations for Marriage and Family Therapy, the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, and the National Organization of Forensic Social Workers.

Rabbi Kass is a graduate of Norwich University in Vermont, where he received his interdisciplinary master’s degree in Social Work and Family Therapy. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California where he graduated with honors. He successfully completed his internship at Jewish Family and Child Service in Toronto and the George Hull Center for Children and Families in Etobicoke. He is a former professor of psychology at the Beth Jacob Academy of Higher Learning in Toronto.

Rabbi Kass’s rabbinical training is from Hadar Hatorah Rabbinical Seminary in Brooklyn N.Y. where he received a master’s degree in Judaic Studies from Rabbi J.J. Hecht. His practicum was at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Flatbush N.Y. where he received advanced training in Jewish education.

He is a former melamed having worked at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva and Oholei Torah Yeshivas in Brooklyn New York and Cheder Chabad in Toronto, Canada.

Rabbi Kass was awarded in 1985 a ten thousand dollars prize by the Jewish Board of Education in New York in recognition of excellence in Jewish education. The following year he was honored as the “Teacher of the Year” by the administration and staff at Oholei Torah Yeshiva.

Rabbi Kass initiated the “famous” 770 Mesibos Shabbos.

Rabbi Kass was the founding editor of the Tzivos Hashem Children’s Newsletter.

Rabbi Kass is published throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. He has authored many self-help books. Learn more about Rabbi Kass’s self-help products: Marriage Counseling Self-help.

Past writing has included the editorship of the Tzivos Hashem Newsletter, a regular columnist in the Nshei Chabad Newsletter, World of Lubavitch, Chabad.org, frequent contributor to Ami Magazine, Agudath Israel Perspectives Newspaper, and contributor to countless other publications. As well, he has authored two Jewish children’s books each in two languages—Yiddish and English.

Currently, using Zoom and the phone, Rabbi Kass operates a busy therapy practice helping individuals, couples, and families throughout the world solve personal and relationship problems.

He and his wife Golda live in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, and have been blessed with children and grandchildren.  

Rabbi Kass remembered by a former student

Excerpt from: Anash.org, MIDDOS, MENTCHLICHKEIT, AND A LOVE FOR TORAH by melamid Rabbi Zalman Schapiro

Which of your teachers impacted your teaching today?

I frequently think of my first grade melamed, Rabbi Avrohom Kass. I can still see him in my mind’s eye, his glasses slipping down his nose due to the perspiration he built up while teaching us with such chayus.

One memory that I refer back to often is during the week of Parashas Va’eira, and Rabbi Kass was teaching us about makas barad. It was a snowy day outside, and our classroom was situated on the roof with the exit door behind the Rebbe’s desk. Rabbi Kass opened the door and scooped up a ball of snow, packing it tightly into a nice snowball, and placed it on the table. Rabbi Kass then took out a lighter and placing it under the snowball which he had picked up, proceeded to demonstrate how it melted. “This is nature,” He exclaimed. “In makas barad, Hashem brought fire and ice together, and the ice did not extinguish the fire within it.” I am sure our eyes didn’t blink for that entire demonstration. He was so dedicated to our chinuch.

It is this type of chinuch that I want to impart onto my students. Yiddishkeit is alive. “S’iz geshmak tzu zein a Yid!” There is nothing like being a Yid and having a part of Hashem inside of us. I try to bring that to my talmidim. Being a Yid is not doing things by rote. It is not just going through the motions. Yiddishkeit needs to flow through every part of us, truly making us alive.


Kinus HaShluchim Tav Shin Nun Gimel

Can you find Rabbi Kass at the top right? Don’t feel bad if you can’t. I can’t find myself either… but I am there!

Endorsement from one of this generations foremost poskim for the safer Hilchos Purim For Children by Rabbi Kass

Thousands of these books have been used by individuals and yeshivas worldwide.

Rabbinical certificate from Hadar Hatorah signed by Rabbi J.J. Hecht

Rabbi Kass as a melamid at Oholei Torah Yeshiva in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His young talmidim in their Tzivos Hashem uniforms following him at a Lag B'omer parade

The Lubavitcher Rebbe was always very pleased to see Yiddishe kinder! 

Rabbi Kass with his class at one of the Rebbe's famous Tzivos Hashem Rallies

Video credit to Rabbi Levy Goldstein

Rabbi Kass with Cheder Toronto malamdim, teachers, students and members of the vad

Children are pure and without sin!

Rabbi Kass with his Oholei Torah students at a Tzivos Hashem rally at 770

Enthusiastic chayalei Tzivos Hashem getting their “orders” from the Commander-in-chief. 

Rabbi Kass with his family in the Rebbe's Shluchim Book

This book was requested by the Lubavitcher Rebbe and was distributed to all his shluchim worldwide.

Hadar Hatorah Rabbinical Seminary where Rabbi Kass received his academic rabbinical training.

This is a special yeshivah for “late bloomers” to Yiddishkeit

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“I know this call is long overdue. And I apologize for that. We talked about making a follow-up appointment session after the last appointment, but we never followed-up on that. And the good news is that we really didn’t feel at this point that we needed to follow-up. We really feel, and I will speak very personally myself, that you made a huge impact. Most specifically for me, I feel you opened my husband’s eyes to different things and I didn’t feel I was alone about things that were bothering me. This is not to say that I don’t recognize that I have lots of faults that you brought to my attention, obviously something I am working on. But most of all succinctly, with your skill and your compassion, you were able to bring us together to be there for me when it was hard for my husband to see my perspective at all. Thank you very much for that. I suspect we’ll see you again in the future, because you’re a person that helps us with our faults and helps us to communicate better with each other. And again, thank you very much.” -Vaughan

Rabbi Kass at an Oholei Torah group picture (see arrow)

Rabbi Kass loved his students. In addition to teaching PRE 1A, he led the Tzivos Hashem Rallies, built a playground, organized the recording of the Oholei Torah choir, made a g’mach for the melamdim, raised money for poor families, started and participated in, together with Rabbi Shmarya Katzen, the Grand 770 Mesibas Shabbos, and more. In the picture, Rabbi Kass’s students have the Tzivos Hashem hats on. Being in the Army of Hashem is a full-time job!