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If you have a question or a problem you need help with, contact me. There is no charge for an initial phone consultation to discuss your situation and how I can help you. Many people require only brief contact for relationship or personal help. There are never any commitments for ongoing therapy. You are in control of how you use my services.

Office location

My office is in Thornhill, Ontario. It is centrally located and can be easily reached from Richmond Hill, Toronto, North York, Woodbridge, Aurora, Markham, King City, Newmarket, or Vaughan. Contact me for more details.

Phone and Skype Contact

Many individuals and couples have been fully helped using phone and Skype appointments.

Even when the clients are able to come to my office, some prefer phone and Skype appointments. Phone and Skype appointments have the advantage of being convenient — there is no need to commit extra time to to travel to a set location. As well, couples with young children do not need to arrange baby sitters.

I have helped countless individuals and couples throughout North America and England using the phone and Skype.

Thanks to modern technology, everyone can get the help they need to feel good and live a quality life.

My willingness to “avail” myself for my clients is one of my well known and appreciated services.

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