Forensic investigations, psychosocial assessments, presentence reports and diversion program life-skills training for offenders and the accused.

This is a premium service for lawyers and their clients to assist them in getting the best results from the justice system.

Lawyers and their clients have utilized Abe Kass’s Educational and Forensic Services in a variety of ways to suit the specific needs of their clients.

For example:

  • Writing a report
  • Assessing a client
  • Evaluating treatment by other professionals
  • Testifying in court
  • Teaching social and personal life-skills
  • Working with probation officers
  • Strategy planing
  • Research to explain the “why” of a client’s behavior

For Lawyers

As a forensic social worker, I have worked on many different criminal matters from domestic assault to murder cases. I have expertise in forensic investigations, presentence reports and psychosocial assessments.

Get a professional report that supplements your effort to assist your client and to prove your client’s ability to realistically face his or her legal challenges.

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Document your client’s mastery of court mandated social and life-skills training or prior to sentencing, impress the Crown with your clients voluntary commitment to take responsibility for the charges against him or her.

I can teach your client anger management, nonviolent problem solving, effective and reasonable parenting, respect for a woman’s sexual rights, gender equality, goal setting and more.

I have testified in court as an expert testifier on numerous occasions. I have been acknowledged as having expertise in the specialties of family therapy and parent alienation by three Superior Court of Ontario Judges.

Available upon request is my forensic resume.

For the accused and offenders

Give your lawyer, the Crown, judges, and probation officers vital information that can be used to assist in getting the best possible results for your legal problems.

As a forensic social worker, I have already helped tens of individuals enhance the effectiveness of their legal presentations. So too, I am ready to help you, working with your lawyer, get the best possible solutions to your legal challenges.

Read our brochure for professionals interested in forensic and life-skills training services

Letter from James C. Morton, prominent lawyer, legal author, professor and past president of the Ontario Bar Association describing social worker Abe Kass's forensic and assessment work:

Please note:
1. All prices are in the Canadian Dollars for clients in Canada and US Dollars for clients in the United States.
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